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Jodie’s performances add that special something to your perfect day.  Every performance is bespoke to you.  For your ceremony, any song request, even if it is not currently featured in the repertoire is included at no extra cost.  If a piano is unavailable at any of the your locations, Jodie will happily bring along his electric piano.  Not near a power source?  No problem!  Jodie’s equipment can all be run through battery packs.  


Your day is typically split into three separate performances and you can select as many as you like.  These include:

Wedding Ceremony

The Ceremony

The ceremony performance usually consists of:

  • The arrival of guests (3-6 pieces of music)

  • The entrance or “Procession” of the bride (usually 1 piece of music)

  • The signing of the register (often 2-3 pieces of music)

  • The exit or “Recession” of the bride and groom (1 piece of music)

Live instrumental piano music can provide a beautiful and romantic background to your wedding ceremony.   While your guests begin to take their seats, Jodie normally opts to perform beautiful classical music that will set the scene and create the perfect ambience. Then for the rest of the ceremony, Jodie will perform pieces of your choice.  


After the ceremony, you and your guests can unwind and begin the celebrations.  This is often with some welcome drinks and canapés. It is also the main opportunity for your photographer to capture photos of you at various locations throughout your chosen venue.  Jodie normally selects relaxed contemporary music for this performance but this is flexible to suit the mood you want to create.

 Typically, this is an hour’s performance, with approximately 15-20 songs or pieces.

Image by Jason Briscoe
Wedding Tent

The Wedding Breakfast

The piano is the ideal choice of instrument to have during your Wedding Breakfast as it can be heard nicely in the background whilst you all enjoy your meal.


Jodie usually opts for more upbeat contemporary music including Pop, Film Music and Show Tunes.  But again this can be flexible to suit the mood you want to create


 This is usually about an hour’s performance, with approximately 15-20 pieces of music.

The White Baby Grand


Introducing the beautiful (and very portable!) white baby grand piano shell.  It is head turning and very camera friendly, a perfect piece to complete your piano performances.  Get in touch to find out more.

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